CSM Training By Michael James

Last two days I joined Michael James‘ CSM course at Shanghai, he gave it together with Bas Vodde.

Two years ago, I attended Bas’ course and became a Certified Scrum Master. Michael’s course is so different from Bas’, even Bas said so. The course structure, the ways to give lecture, the ways handling questions, the ways communicating with trainees, and so on. But it’s so interesting that I felt so many differences, I still can not list all those details of differences… Perhaps I have a bad memory *_*!

And you can find trainers’ email addresses below, so you could ask questions or check latest trainings.

Michael had a theme and made it through the whole training, to link all knowledge points. In this theme, each team was a company developing board games for children, and they used Scrum. So we did backlog grooming session to have some initial product backlog items.

Then we go to sprint planning, selecting items from product backlog and split them into tasks.

Then we moved to working sprints. Each sprint had 3 days, daily scrum first for 2 minutes, and then 8 minutes for every working day. They turned off the lights to simulate evening and night, and stop people from overtime work :-) Then teams stood up having daily scrum, exchange status, and began to work.

The best part of this training was all the conversations happened, unfortunately I can not describe or record it here :-(

When sprint finished, teams demonstrated their products to product owner in the sprint review meeting. Product owner checked the product delivery against those acceptance criteria agreed before, and gave the result whether it’s done or not. Move those accepted items to DONE category, move unfinished items back to product backlog, and add new items if product owner found new features during review.

The last part of a sprint is the sprint retrospective, where teams look back and reflect, to have the consensus of improve actions to do in next sprint.

Immodestly speaking, I was very proud of our team’s product and scrum. We made an really good product which was totally shippable instead of "potential", good user guide and packing list.

Packing box with the game’s name and our company name on it.

The game table.

Unpacked the delivery box and all those elements, including map, money, rats, cards, user instructions, etc.

After all, trainers started to answer questions in the "Sidebar", trainees were asked to vote the most interesting questions, and the answering part was timebox, 10 minutes before the whole training ends.

And here are the trainers 眨眼 Michael James and Bas Vodde.

And I took several photos with trainers and other trainees. Julien who is a nice guy can speak fluent Chinese as well as Bas, the discussion benefits me much. And Kanwei from Taiwan charitably satisfied my couriosity on many aspects regarding Taiwan, especially the industry we’re in. Steven was smiling all the time, gentle person.

For all the pictures, view the album.


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