See you at Test Automation Day 2014!
See you at Test Automation Day 2014!

See you at Test Automation Day 2014!

As written in, I really want to be there, while the visa, schedule, flights and other trivial issues may block me from attending the Test Automation Day 2014 at Rotterdam, but it may not be the same for you, don’t miss it! Will you be there?

Now they’ve fixed the whole program, check it out.

The conference schedule is very intense, be prepared if you’ll be there 🙂

Oh, there is a Pre Conference Master Class by Dorothy Graham, while the seats are limited, check if you can still get one.

On June 18th 2014, an exclusive Master class with Dorothy Graham is organized, from 19.00h – 21.30h.
The first 60 registrations will get a ticket for this class, so sign up now and guarantee your place!

Content of the Master class will be:
Management challenges in test automation

Whatever tools you use, there are key management actions and attitudes that make the difference between success and failure in test automation. Dorothy Graham explains how automation affects staffing, who should be responsible for which automation tasks, how managers can best support automation efforts, why return on investment can be dangerous, and critical technical pitfalls to be aware of.

Ok, here are all the keynote speakers, and you may want to look at the bio below.

  • Prof. Dr. Arie van Deursen, Professor in Software Engineering, Head of the Software Engineering Research Group, Delft University of Technology
    Chairman of the 2014 edition
    His blog:
  • Dorothy Graham, Software Testing Consultant, Speaker and Author
    Co-host of the 2014 edition
    Assist Dorothy by completing her survey about test automation problems. (
  • Amir Arooni, CIO Delivery Center Channels, ING NL
  • Shamim Ahmed, Chief Technologist, Application Development Management Solutions, HP Software Professional Services
  • Dr. Thomas Arts, Chief Technical Officer and co-owner, Quviq
  • Kristian Karl, Test Manager, Spotify