Ideas Triggered During the APM Training
Ideas Triggered During the APM Training

Ideas Triggered During the APM Training

* General

LM is not very relative to product, which leads to the problem of Competence Development: Actually the reason we do competence development should be the needs of product development. But now LMs are in charge of collecting competence development needs, heavily isolated from product development, much more for the sake of making people happy or prevent people being unhappy?

* Estimating

<Padding> If PM is used to their subordinates do padding, then they’ll behave like bargaining for less completion time. The number of the duration time is a number already in their mind, or just a number used to determine subordinates’ floor price. Because they believe if they press enough, they’ll get better price (smaller time estimation).

It’s just like bargaining during shopping. Without trust, it’s hard to discover the reasonable price value. And the behavior to force others accept the price lower than cost, will only get your lower quality ones or fake ones. Especially if you are not familiar with the product you’re purchasing, the chance being cheat is much higher.

If the buyer is an expert in this field, and trying to buy at a price below seller’s cost price, it will only leads to violent conflicts, or contact break.

<On Time> People do not care too much if they are on time, because whether a project / program is on time or not, the impact on themselves is too little, and too slow. However I’ll get paid because I worked 8 hours per day, the bonus is not a big amount of money too. Why bother?

If we can let people, (1)  share more benefit of being on time; (2) enjoy the benefit of on time faster and more frequent; (3) decide the time needed. When there is no pressure, drive by trust, the estimation will represent the real situation much more honestly.

* PM & Agile

Project Management has too many things that’s not necessary for software development.

PM should mainly take the guarding tasks around Agile.