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Lets go Test Automation Day 2014!

I’ve blogged about the Test Automation Day 2013, and now I’m going to blog for the Test Automation Day 2014, which will happen at Rotterdam the Netherlands. I’m trying to coordinate my calendar to go there, will you be with me?

The Day of Test Automation at 2013

I still remember the days at 2008, that NSN has held an internal Test Automation conference at Finland, kind of all NSN Test Automation professionals from all over the world gathered together and share their experiences and learns. That’s so

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Agile Testing by Janet Gregory (Day 3)

Today is the last day of the training, the major part is“Iteration Simulation”. It contains 2 iterations to continue developing our “Agile Testing Toys”website, we held planning and review and demo meetings, and we used all those practices and tricks

Agile Testing by Janet Gregory (Day 2)

Here comes my memory of today’s training course, detailed thoughts of mine will be updated later. In the beginning of today, Janet first did an exercise “Your Learning from Day 1”, to collect the learning that participants got from yesterday’s

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Agile Testing by Janet Gregory (Day 1)

Training being blogged here is the “Practical Agile Testing with Janet Gregory (AGILE-TESTING-01-03)”by Janet Gregory. The training was holding in the place of SkillsMatter, I like the style of the meeting room. While you arrived and signed-up, they presented a

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Definition of Done & Acceptance Criteria or Conditions of Satisfaction

First let’s list all the terminologies, and the abbreviations I’ll use in this blog post: Definition of Done (DoD) Acceptance Criteria (AC), also called Confirmation, or Conditions of Satisfaction (CoS) (Here lets’ say AC = Confirmation = CoS, there may

Story Points & Hours: Jeff Sutherland’s View

Jeff replied to one question on Quora regarding Story Point & Hour estimation: Agile Development: Agile Development: how do I estimate story points, and how do I decouple them from hours? Basically he mentioned 3 research reports, which reported similar

Manipulate to Coach? NO!

One of my colleague quoted a paragraph from Jurgen Appelo’s “How to Change the World” mini-book, and questioned that “how to tweak the environment to manipulate people’s behavior?” and trigger a fierce discussion. The quote as below: Self-organization happens within

Quote Ron Jeffries on Velocity

In previous post “Velocity is Story Points per Sprint?”I mentioned that velocity could be the accumulated story count / accumulated sprint, and I saw it from Ron’s reply in one scrumdevelopment group discussion. Unfortunately I didn’t save that post, and

Velocity is Story Points per Sprint?

One colleague was complaining about the Velocity practice, one part is the definition of Velocity, he says: In Scrum, we define velocity as the average of the story points finished by the team in the last “x” sprints. Well, I