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3rd Day @ AgileTD.DE (contd.)

“Sepcification Wokrshops – the missing link” by Gojko Adzic His material at, follow him on twitter via The first two slides got my attention, what we thought was possiblly very different from what others saw, communication costs. I

3rd Day @ Agile Testing Days.DE

The 3rd day had also many good sessions, it started with key note “The One Thing You Need To Know” by Mary Poppendieck. She mentioned there are three rules of Lean Development (as in the picture below) : Design /

2nd Day @ Agile Testing Days.DE

Two days conference with presentation tracks after the tutorial day, the 2nd day started at 13th Oct. Jose Diaz and Alessandro Collino gave the welcome speech, obviously they knew that shorter openning is the best :-) Lisa Crispin, the co-author

“Designing a Lean Software Development Process” by Mary Poppendieck

The first day of this conference was for tutorials, I choosed the Poppendieck session “Designing a Lean Software Development Process”. Don’t want to be late, I choose to go there early. I’m too early that the staffs were just started

Retrospective for one testing team

This testing team haven’t done retrospective before, and there’s no actions before too. They were in “Scrum” as said by organization Agile transformation even though they only do testing, and they were actually not a team, members were responsible for

Keyword abstraction (robotframework)

A small piece of experience, comes from one email discussion, quite a long time passed, I haven’t organized it yet, so forgive its rough format… People always say that they need to add a lot of comments to explain complex

Working With Self-Organized Teams for Line Manager

Notice the later words “for Line Manager”, yes, the contents are the same, but tailored to fit for line managers’ interests. Openning is nearly the same, design it for yourself and your participants. E.g. ask them to figure out the

Working With Self-Organized Teams

A week just gone, observing the comprehensive training of “Working With Self-Organized Teams”, given by my boss. – Due to my slow brain is still not very clear about information confidential issue and copyright of materials, not all contents were

Funny Manager Behaviours

I was reading a very old discussion thread at <>, they were discussing about "Compelling case for dedicated ScrumMaster". From somewhere, people were sharing the funny manager behaviours. From: James S. Fosdick, PMP, CSP If I had to pick one

0523 Scrum Chengdu Assembling

23th May 2009, we had "The First Assembling of Scrum Chengdu – Scrum Chengdu | Google Groups", our Nokia Siemens Networks and Cybercom sponsored this event. The poster can be found everywhere at Chengdu Tianfu Software Park. The place is