0523 Scrum Chengdu Assembling
0523 Scrum Chengdu Assembling

0523 Scrum Chengdu Assembling

23th May 2009, we had "The First Assembling of Scrum Chengdu – Scrum Chengdu | Google Groups", our Nokia Siemens Networks and Cybercom sponsored this event.

The poster can be found everywhere at Chengdu Tianfu Software Park.

The place is so good, it’s the Nong Jia Le (in Chinese : 农家乐) style place.

At the beginning, director of one sponsor Cybercom gave the openning speech.

I was introduced as kind of VIP coming here far away from Hangzhou… Haw-haw 🙂

In the morning, we had two prepared presentations. One was my "Testing And Test Automation", another was Linchuan’s thoughts on Paradigm Shifts. The exploratory testing in my presentation attracted many of us, they felt curious and unclear of this concept. Linchuan’s topic was really abstract, we even can no stop talking, for everything in his presentation…

This slide leaded us into endless discussion, I explained my understanding and thought it’s pretty good, and still feel so now 🙂 I took basketball as comparison, "Check McGrady and Yao Ming. If McGrady didn’t play well, people believe it’s due to McGrady’s attitude; but if Yao Ming didn’t play a good game, people will think Yao tried hard, just because of limited talents.". So why Linearist says "give me genius!"? Because they believe their way will succeed, the only problem is genius to execute the plan. For non-linearist, they will undoubtly work hard to achieve the goal, give them luck, they will success.

In the afternoon, I tried to introduce the open space, and we agreed on 2 places with 2 rounds of discussions. Unfortunately only the 1st round was hold successfully, the later ones were both cancelled for no participants…

One session in the afternoon was "how to measure the maturity level of Agile", hold by a beautiful lady Angela; another one was Linchuan’s "scrum practicing in Cybercom (Chengdu)", he is from Cybercom.

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