3rd Day @ AgileTD.DE (contd.)
3rd Day @ AgileTD.DE (contd.)

3rd Day @ AgileTD.DE (contd.)

“Sepcification Wokrshops – the missing link” by Gojko Adzic

His material at http://bit.ly/1skR6I, follow him on twitter via http://twitter.com/gojkoadzic. The first two slides got my attention, what we thought was possiblly very different from what others saw, communication costs. I like his 3 examples too, the tank, the B2 bomber and the F16 cases.


A very simple question “how many points are there?” with this star. Interestingly people have so many different opinions, more than I thought it could have. So it’s really that everybody has own opinion, and we easily misunderstand others without effective communication.


This picture was also very nice, just explained the title. Cleaning up afterwards or developing workarounds can not really solve the problem, it’s always hard and effectiveless.


The F-16 case showed the communication problem happen between teams and customer – “Requirements are often given as a solution to an unknown problem”, without questioning those weired requirements why, we’ll put ourself into big trouble in the future. Gojko gave the proposal :

  1. collaborate on specifications
  2. chanllenge requirements
  3. discuss examples
  4. involve the whole team


“Investing in individuals and interactions” by Stuart Reid

Not listened carefully, working on Robot related issues during this session, occasionally watched the presentation, nothing too much interesting.


“Agile practices in a traditional environment” by Markus Gärtner

Joined, still straggled with Robot issue, and the story was quite similar with my experience, not followed too much. Other participants’ seems happy.


Panel Discussion with Tom Gilb, Isabel Evans, Stuart Reid, Mieke Gevers …

This session was not on the plan, and several key note speakers already left. I was working on emails, from the words I heard during my pauses, no interesting things pop up.

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So the conference finished. Go to the website for more information or follow it on twitter.