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Scrum/Agile Starter Kit

If you’re new to Scrum, and wants to know how you can start, this is the post for you. Please kindly comment on this post to provide your thoughts and your recommendations on whatever resources helped you on your journey

Tribal Leadership

Note: This blog post has been published at my Sina Blog too. Required by Maarit Laanti to watch the video of Dave Logan on Tribal Leadership at TEDxUSC, which turns out to be a good read. He wrote a book

“Agile Coaching” Reading Accomplished

Finished reading the book “Agile Coaching” by Rachel Davies and Liz Sedley, it’s just as described : “This book provides you with deeper knowledge of how agile practices work and how to inspire your team to improve. Discover how to

Ideas Triggered During the APM Training

* General LM is not very relative to product, which leads to the problem of Competence Development: Actually the reason we do competence development should be the needs of product development. But now LMs are in charge of collecting competence

Agile Development and Project Management by IIL

# BeforeReading I just blog the training I participated, and record down what I experienced, observed, it doesn’t mean I support its opinion or suggestions. Because personally I believe software development should be managed in the way of Continuous Product

The Design Infected by Organizational Dysfunction

Had a fierce discussion with one engineer, which started from reviewing her automated test case. It’s written in robotframework, one criteria of good quality test case is descriptive naming, for keyword names, test case names, etc. * Discussion 0 :

CSM Training by Kane Mar (21~22 April 2010)

After the Shanghai Scrum Gathering 2010, I went to Chengdu helpping Outsofting on CSM training by Kane Mar. Kane is a Certified Scrum Trainer, he argued combining Scrum and XP with Ken Schwaber at 2001, you can find more information

2 Articles regarding Change / Transformation from McKindsey Quarterly

Just read 2 articles, felt it explained something (and I agree with that), watch company’s change / transformation from its angle would be interesting. You can access the whole article with a free subscription. Some parts as extracted below :

I Ran Out of Silver Bullets, Now What? @ Shanghai Scrum Gathering

This is my presentation “I Ran Out of Silver Bullters, Now What?” at Shanghai Scrum Gathering 2010. In this presentation, I talked about symptoms applying Scrum. No doubts, beginners or junior practioners will definitely meet those in their Scrum implementation.

Ant & Food

I was suddently attracted by the species – Ant. It’s very collaborative, distributed, specialized. They have at least three kinds of needs : reproduction, breeding, food-hunting. There are different ants specilized in those jobs. The ant queen and winged male