The Day of Test Automation at 2013
The Day of Test Automation at 2013

The Day of Test Automation at 2013

I still remember the days at 2008, that NSN has held an internal Test Automation conference at Finland, kind of all NSN Test Automation professionals from all over the world gathered together and share their experiences and learns. That’s so good!

Now it’s 2013, 5 years later, Agile is more and more popular, therefore Test Automation becomes more and more important as well, to server the Iterative & Incremental Development. But, it’s not an easy job, it wasn’t, and it never will. The master the piece, you need to both practice a lot and also learn from others a lot. Now there is a great opportunity for you to learn experiences on Test Automation from others, the Test Automation Days 2013! June 20th 2013 at WTC Rotterdam, with pre-conference workshops. Well, I couldn’t confirm yet if I will be there myself, er, as  a participant… but you, should not miss the opportunity. Check out the details below:

Here are their keynote speakers: Prof. Dr. Arie van Deursen, Emily Bache, Matthew Heusser, Lionel C. Briand, Mieke Gevers.

And I like what they will focus — the Future of Test Automation.

The Central themes seem covered most interesting areas I would like to hear, not sure if you would:

  • Testing new devices / Mobile testing
  • Virtualization  / Cloud testing
  • Open source & Test Automation
  • Non functional testing / Performance & Security
  • Agile and test tooling
  • Testing service-oriented systems
  • Automating Acceptance Testing
  • Application Life Cycle Management
  • Requirements traceability
  • Advanced test input generation
  • Automated Test Oracles
  • Continuous delivery / DevOps

Moreover, there is a professional Test Tool Lab, I’ve been in Agile Testing Days 2012’s Test Lab, it’s a fun experience. This time it’s coordinated by Bart Knaack (KZA) at 20th June.

If you register now, you can visit this unique conference for only € 295,- (excl. VAT) per person. Check the registration form for the € 100,- discount.

The had a Linkedin Group “Test Automation Day”and you can follow Test Automation Day on Twitter with the hashtag #TADNL too.

Well, about me? Sure, I am one of their Exclusive Blog Team member.


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