Agile Testing by Janet Gregory (Day 1)
Agile Testing by Janet Gregory (Day 1)

Agile Testing by Janet Gregory (Day 1)

WP_20130227_014Training being blogged here is the “Practical Agile Testing with Janet Gregory (AGILE-TESTING-01-03)”by Janet Gregory.

The training was holding in the place of SkillsMatter, I like the style of the meeting room. While you arrived and signed-up, they presented a lunch menu to me too, and ask me to confirm my selections of main course and drink, and later they’ll prepare it and send to the meeting room, with everybody’s name tag on it. Very convenient.WP_20130227_015

As usual, introduction was always the first round, and we had 8 participants from different industries, and with different experience on Agile. And we had somehow very different interests of questions or expectations on this training.

Today was the first day of the training, and it’s pretty basic topics, e.g. brief introduction of Agile, and so on. From the materials, seems the module of “How Automation Works”is kind of very big focus. And also Janet DON’T (thanks for Janet’s correction, check her comment below) believes that you can be really Agile without automation.

However, we had discussed “what problems is your team experiencing”and “what does Agile mean to you”, and also Janet asked our participants to write down on index card about our acceptance tests of this training.


Janet used a practice to show the differences between “clear role definition, rely on process” style and a “whole team, communication and collaboration based” style, on doing the same work. That was, programmers are responsible to put shapes onto correct position according to “requirement documentation”, and testers are responsible of testing it, and customer are responsible to check if it satisfies their expectation, the observer observes what happened and share their observations afterwards.


Later, we moved to another exercise, as Janet said, it will be through the whole training. The first step we did today is to create mind-maps for new features we want to add to the “Agile Testing Toys”website of business. We split into 2 teams, and worked on different feature, and we’ll use other techniques which Janet will teach us to work on this fictive project. 2 teams’ mind-maps are shown below.


* Blog posts for Day 2 and Day 3 will be added after each day later.