One more sprint just passed by

Last sprint passed by, the results at sprint review could not satisfy
me, there was a bad thing happening, I do not like it, and believe it
will screw up the Scrum implementation.

First one is, the
contents of items change during sprints sometimes. Second is, PO wants
to promote good teams (we scrum masters want also), so an evaluation
form was developed to find the star team from teams, one estimate is
the velocity. I started a topic in details at scrumdevelopment, check it and join the discussion.

also expressed my concerns to my team, surprisingly team actually did
not care too much about it. I can not say it’s good or bad, since such
status could be interpreted in two different directions, either team
was more focus on get the functionality working than fame and gain, or
team lost the belief on Star Team idea and not willing to be excellent.
The first idea came to my mind is, we should discuss with PO.

I should write something for our retrospective.

It’s simpler than previous sprint even that’s already very simple.
Nothing prepared, pick up four piece flip charts, add title "IDEAS",
provide pens, ask team members to write down their feelings and
comments and anything they want to write. Silence, that was what I got.
Even myself tend to agree, there was nothing valuable to say for the
sprint. So I made a change. I proposed several topics and trigger them
to discuss.
– "How should we take the newcomer into our team?"
– "How do you see TDD?" "Why not have a try?"
– "What about pair programming?"
– "I think we did a good demo, how do you feel?"
– "Let’s check our daily scrum practice."

References of earlier retrospectives :
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