Retrospective Facilitator Training today

Today was for Retrospective Facilitator Training, most of the audiences are the new scrum masters, have little or even no experience with facilitation, two Finnish are senior managers worked many years.

We first introduced ourselves to each other, and shared the problems of facilitation in our mind.

Then moved on to the presentation, what is a retrospective, what could be the structure, and what do a facilitator do, and so on. Let them planned the safety check, interestingly somebody wrote "1, No Way" which means very unsafe feeling, while the average is 4.14. And I showed them The Prime Directive.

Before start the retrospective, the team or group needs to set their own ground rules, a kind of work agreement. They formed two groups, and I can not believe they made some totally different rules, one group sets "no kidding", another sets "joke are allowed".

Release Retrospective and Sprint Retrospective are somehow facilitated in different structures, the former one is less frequent, then could last longer. The rough phases could be the same, "Readying", "Reviewing the past" and "Planning the future", then insert with different practices or exercises.

In the afternoon, less people came back, however we organized into one group, and simulated the retrospective. Their mood lines were so differentiated, I concluded it to the reason that this group was composed by people from different teams and products, then I realized that perhaps my belief is members from the same team should have similar mood lines, because they are working on the same issues, right? Well, I believe this, but not 100% sure… And another interesting thing is, when I told them to find responsible for their actions, one Finnish came to pick the second one, and signed his name, in Chinese! And the writing is good! He said this was the only Chinese characters he could write, he has a very Chinese name, right? Haw-haw :-)
Eh, I had prepared some links for the source referred in the material, but I forgot to show them, faint… They were about the "Groundhog Day", "Satir Change Cycle" and "Technology Of Participation".

In the morning I took some pictures of a nearby build site, the groundwork hole was very deep as I see, I was curious, I haven’t seen this before, and I felt the scaffolds look like scenes in movie "The Ring" where producing the orc…

I ate noodle for supper, which uses the large intestine of pigs as ingredient, good tastes, beside the cold ingredient, I should choose beef noodle :-(


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