It’s not judging or grading, but just yet another perspective from others, which is better when it’s something you’re not awared of.

And it enriches the data for decision, or it enriches the thinking / decision process for future decisions.

Ask Question :

What’s your intension asking a question?

What’s the purpose asking a question?

How to ask a question to fulfill the purpose and intension?

Southwest Airline :

Why it’s successful?

Price? Travel miles? Empty seats? How you deal with it?

Taxi :

The differences between taxi at China and Finland, why?

Manager :

They have rich experience and good knowledge, just they misunderstand their strenth as "command & control" and "managing".

But actually they have good communication / language / people related skills, and sense of urgency / quality mindset etc.

They just need to realize that, and to maximize their value by helping others to learn what they know.

Scrum as Queue ?

Width = how many people / how many teams

Length = duration of iteration


Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.


Winner don’t do different things. They do things differently.

"Do Different"


  1. Yi

    Bingo! One guru said that if you want to improve your software development, you’ll find Agile no matter where you start. However you could check http://www.agilemanisfesto.org, it’s the Agile Manifesto. And, Agile is just a tool for organizations to deliver software products, like other tools e.g. Waterfall / Spiral / Iterative / RUP, etc.

  2. rick

    Oh, I see. I think some co-workers have given me incorrect information on agile. If what you say is true, it sounds like a natural block in what development methodologies have been gearing towards for a long time.

  3. rick

    i agree many good points here …Bad feedback early is better than worse feedback late!!! Sametimes the boss who is "too nice" is worse than the rude boss. Feedback allows us to learn and to know where we are.