Quickly About Sprint Review
Quickly About Sprint Review

Quickly About Sprint Review

Today’s dinner, I asked Craig how to facilitate a sprint review.

Craig said :

first, sprint review is NOT demo, it’s all about conversation. Demo should be finished in minutes. Then PO and teams talk about the products, good and bad, and so on.

second, talk more about positive things, some teams only think negatively, that’s not good.

Third, conversation between product owner and teams, "PO, what’s your problem?", "team, what’s your problem?", to understand each other.

Continue next time, sprint planning still left.


  1. Yi

    You could confirm with him.It’s positive things regarding the product, or PO and so on, instead of the team. So we can leave all those discussions to sprint retrospective.

  2. Terry

    Hey, the "positive things" are for retrospective meeting. I suppose a review meeting should be objective and therefore not emotional.And I guess this is again a "one apple a day, keeps the doctor away" principle:-)