Scrum Introduction Yesterday

Yesterday, I have given an introduction of "Agile / Scrum Development" to colleagues of another department.

I reused the material prepared by L.Y., and almost all other parts. I changed the time for each section. I used the "Software Crisis" as the initiative for Agile software development, and shown some slides come from Craig Larman’s former induction.

Later, explaining the Agile Values and Agile Principles. I spent more time than L.Y. in last time. I described them with quite many details, my understandings, my experiences. While it ended, L.Y. told me I spent half an hour more, then I need to speed up in following parts, coz we were limited, due to the shuttle bus at 6:10 PM… If we miss, there’s only 8:00 PM, or we can take bus / taxi, but that’s not the 1st choice for most of us including me :-(

later comes to introduction of scrum framework, after that we entered into the scrum simulation game. Those meetings were introduced, and the whole process was demonstrated with slides. But, without the introduction of roles, this might be a weak point, which pointed by some attendees.

The scrum simulation was my favorite, the trainees actually joined into the practice of scrum, to work out a brochure for city tourism. They divided into three teams, and experienced a 3-day sprint, with sprint planning, daily scrums, sprint review, and also sprint retrospective. After all, I added my comments, coz I feel it’s better that they can got feedback for their simulation, even it including my personal judgements.

finally, we go throw the artifacts of scrum by showing some real artifacts, and briefly described the agile practices.

that’s all, that’s the introduction I gave.


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