Puzzled with retrospective in my team

I am a scrum master of a team, the team has experienced scrum for more than one year, so many retrospectives happened, facilitated by me or by other colleagues. I tried to find many ways to improve our retrospective, learned from other scrum masters. I feel I should have done a good job, however I am keep an eye doubting myself.

1. People focus more on the problems met in project, or say technical issues, e.g. the environment, the product, the completeness of tasks, the achievements of hard tasks, and so on, but instead of the team themselves. As I understand that Sprint Retrospective would be a good point to "inspect and adapt" for the team. I feel perhaps the retrospectives are not so good as it should be, how do you feel?

2. We are Chinese, the topic around "people" or the "relations of people" is a bit sensitive here, I asked / promoted / encouraged them to talk about themselves, whether they are good or not, anything to improve, how about the teamwork, and so on. Normally I got the answer, ah, "so-so", "not bad", "that’s it". Should I try harder to steer them to think about those or I just should force them, or … any thoughts?

# Actually I raised this topic first at yahoo group "scrumdevelopment", if you are willing to know the discussion (I hope there will be :-)  ), check via the link below :
– <http://groups.yahoo.com/group/scrumdevelopment/message/32008>


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