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Feedback. Is Anyone Listening?
                                                  — -- Cartoon -- July 30, 2007
One of the tools a ScrumMaster needs in their toolbox is the ability to both give and receive feedback. Here is a format I use during my Certified ScrumMaster Workshops:

How to GIVE feedback

Start with an opening

Stan, can I talk to you for a minute…

Provide data NOT opinion

…in the meeting this morning when you said…

Talk about the impact on YOU, avoid speaking for others

…it made me feel uncomfortable and distracted me…

Make a request for change.

Please bla bla bla.

How to RECEIVE feedback

  1. Breathe
  2. Stay calm and listen
  3. Ask for clarity
  4. Don’t interrupt, but if you aren’t getting what you need (data) then ask for it
  5. Use what you can
  6. Remember it’s information not praise or blame
  7. Know when enough is enough
  8. If you are being overwhelmed ask for some time to digest it.
The Classic Story of the Pig and Chicken -- Cartoon -- September 11, 2006

Here is an easy definition of the Chickens versus Pigs.

A Pig is someone who has skin in the game. Mike Cohn aptly refers to the people in that role as, "Having their Bacon on the line." Pig roles are considered core team members. Performers. People who "do" work. Get it?

A Chicken is someone who has something to gain by the Pigs performing, but in the end, really do not contribute day to day to "getting things done." Their "eggs" are a renewable resource, and many get laid (eggs that is).

A common misperception that a Chicken and a Pig can be one person -- Cartoon -- October 9, 2006


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