Team, the capacity

A very brief thought about team & teamwork.

Personnel’s technical skills are “operands”, then the
ability of people’s teamwork skills is “operator”.

Then teams differ according to their abilities in those
aspects, and it may result in huge difference capabilities.

For example, two 7-people teams have similar technical
skills, let’s mark it as 10 for individual productivity, if one team has
teamwork ability as addition, the second one makes multiplication, so let’s see
the different 10^7 – 10*7 = 9,999,930. Get it?

Make it complex, consider if one member inside the team only
do addition, or even division, then we get : (10^6+10) = 1,000,010 or (10^6/10)
= 999,990. Check the gap with 10,000,000.

And consider a situation, people have excellent skills with
teamwork, they perform like one, but they have poor technical skills, say 1.
What we get? 1^7 = 1. Amazing!

What we want?

Improve the technical skills, which is the base for
operation. And also the teamwork ability. They all matter.


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  1. Mooserick, I haven’t got your idea, what do you mean "not a problem domain", can you share your consideration to me?Eh, the soccer teams are not formal clubs like Inter, but just amateurish ones- city squad when I was in middle schools- school teams when I was in middle and high schools- class/department/university squads in university- company squad- social football teamsI have experienced team member, captain and coach roles in above teams.

  2. Not a problem domain, that I’ve considered before.Curious one.What sort of soccer/football teams do you coach by the way?

  3. Of course we could play a game with manager, but just call it 10^7 doesn’t really convert the team to that productivity… But it gives a clue about how team varies.