Leader & Scrum Master & Coach

In the AllAboutAgile Google discussion group <http://groups.google.com/group/allaboutagile/t/1734c104a2486b3b?hl=zh-CN>, one
person raise the question “hiring a scrum master?”, I replied once as
scrum masters work as leaders, so judge the candidates based on the criteria of
leader, and I got an offensive reply insisting on not. And then we came to a
conclusion that “coach” is a more suitable description for the characteristics
of scrum master. They help people to grow, to find out better ways, and follow
rules and principles, and so on.

Talking about the “coach” makes me recall the memory of
playing soccer, sports field uses coach to train the athletes or teams while
they are not experienced players in the past, how they do that?

Borrowing thinking from sports to software industry seems
normal, but we haven’t done well. The software industry deals with bigger squad
to achieve success, and e.g. soccer team has ~25 members in common, while
around half of them will be fighting for success when match comes. For software
industry, we have more than thousands people, when battles (releases, new
versions, new software) come, some of them join the battle and fight.

But, when football teams fight for win, they focus, they
only play one match at one time. This is something we do wrong in software
industry, that we normally ask our workers to work based on multi-tasking, then
they can not focus, which ruins the productivity.

Every football club has many other workers also, serving
players from all aspects, they do not directly contribute to win the match, but
they affect. Players are the most treasure of a club.

Every football club has coaches, plenty of. One who is
manager or chief coach, will hold the thinking or overall design for the team,
and other coaches works for helping chief coach to execute daily work, training
them in speed/power/flexibility and so on.

What we have? Managers manage based on
charts/data/statistics, what are they looking at?

We need more coaches, for serving people all around,
whenever people need, they must appear.

Coaches from different aspects serving at most 25 people in
sport fields, how many coaches we have in our software industry company? How
many people should our coaches serve per each? Is it enough?


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