the thing – scrum
the thing – scrum

the thing – scrum

Scrum is one of the agile development model. Mainly focus on team management. So scrum is always selected together with XP in practice.
Scrum has several important concepts.
  • Sprint : The fixed period time for development. Usually it is one calender month.
  • Product backlog : Content list that customer wants to develop.
  • Sprint backlog : Feature list that the Scrum team will develop in one Sprint.
  • Planning meeting : At the beginning of each Sprint, to select the product backlog items. And confirm the Sprint backlog.
  • Daily scrum : The way to know and control everyday’s progress. Team members share their status and what they plan to do tomorrow. It should not cost too much time. Brief and quick, e.g. 3 questions, <1> what have you done today? <2> what will you do tomorrow? <3> is there any impediments?
  • Sprint review meeting : At the end of each Sprint, we gather together, show our work product to the product owner, do demostration and so on. It is a chance to concluse the past sprint, e.g. what we have done? what we have gain? what we have learn more?

There are 3 roles :

  • Product owner : The customer. He/she devided the product backlog items for one sprint. Confirm requirements for sprint goal.
  • Scrum master : This role play as a team leader, he/she leads the team, block disturbances from other colleagues or un-wished requirements. Make the whole team focusing on the sprint goal. Commonly, scrum master organizes the Planning and Review meetings, and also is the organizer of Daily Scrum meeting.
  • Scrum Team : It is the most important part. No team, no productivty. Team estimate themselves’ competence and efforts they can used for development. And based on  their estimation to choose the product backlog items, and the sprint goal too.

We sit together in a meeting room, it is big enough to contain all our team, and it is small enough too, then we can discuss easily, we can directly come to somebody’s desk and ask him/her to solve the problem.

Testers do things like programming, developers do things like testing too. And there is no you, he, she, I, we are a team, we are one.If anyone can not finish the task at the end of sprint, we the team fails but not the person fails. So everyone in the team should share the workload, if somebody can not complete the tasks selected at the beginning, other team members can take his/her responsibilities. The important thing is ACHIVE the sprint goal.


A brand new development model to me, learning and understanding and thinking are needed! Fighting!!


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