To be or not to be
To be or not to be

To be or not to be

You can be everyone you want to be, only if you do not want.
To be or not to be, it is a simple question, yes means positive thinking, not means mostly negtive thinking. Focus on to be, you be careful enough to find every chance that let you to your aim. Select not to be, you see everything in their dark side in heavy fog, you can not see the buds undergroud, you think "yes, there is no ways lead to success". At the same time, someone else finds the ways to success, what is insistent hard working, and focusing eyes for every tiny opportunity.
To be, you are confident that everything will go well, difficulties are just jams for your final bread. Not to be, every little achivement is just some gifts for god’s pity.
To be, you know what you should do now, later and even in future, that is you aim! You dream! Not to be, you know your last year, you last sweet week, yestoday or even you childhood, get into your memories of the past, no expectations for your future, since you just want to keep you life going on.
To be, you ask everyone to help you, encourage everybody to do things for you and for themselves too. Give them energy to do, make things happen, that is your ability. Not to be, you may reject help from some warmhearted people, at the same time, you gived up your chance to do things significative.