What is a good process?

What is a good process?
I think it should contain two important characteristics.
First, the process should be able to control the quality of product. Such as some industrial standard processes, e.g. CMMI in software development industry. It performs that even some stupids are selected to produce a product, they can complete the task with acceptable quality by following the process.
But the problem is here. Take soccer as reference, a good team can be one which has strict responsibilities defined for each role, or a team which has the most talented players inside. Deciplines are important, even talents can not achieve success without decipline, but the decipline itself can either be strict or loose. We should make sure that everyone be on their position, completed their responsiblities, and also we should provide the chance for talents to give add values to the team. They should have the channel to show their creativity, their ability to change the results, their ability to reach success by personal power.
So a good process should be comprehensive to ensure everybody knows the corresponding responsibility, and tolerant enough to ensure talents can fully explode their power.

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