Agile Transformation
Agile Transformation

Agile Transformation


What is the biggest challenge ahead?
One of the
challenges ahead is the very a slow start of some Agile pilots. We need to keep
in mind that there is no need for a big bang approach.
Instead a small team to
begin with, serves the purpose best. Begin, learn and adapt – that should be the

Furthermore: Agile is not only about R&D. Engagement of
other functions is a must. Business Line Leadership Teams must continue to
support the change and involve other functions as well.
In addition,
we also need to stay objective since Agile will not solve all our problems. What
it will do though is help us spot problems early enough in order to avoid
expensive changes and delays later.
Finally: Agile Transformation is a
long journey and we are in the early phases as yet.

What do you think is the most difficult part of transforming the way of
working, to live up to Agile on a personal level?

The most
difficult part of the transformation is that we need to be ready to change our
behavior and our mindset.
Agile Transformation fundamentally changes the way we
work. It also changes the way we communicate, prioritize, trust, reward and
think about our customers. It is above all a cultural change in which each of us
needs to invest time and effort.





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  2. mingyuan

    当初那个Bati (?不记得名字了)到处宣扬敏捷开发无所不能故弄玄虚的时候我就非常反感。当时公司人心涣散,很多人消极怠工,这样的状况就是别说是敏捷开发就是光速开发也没用,根本决定的还是人。