More on Performance
More on Performance

More on Performance

As I stated before, I am against performance evaluation, <Performance Of Individuals In Agile>.
Now, here are two more articles for this :
– a recent discussion at scrumdevelopment group <Measuring Perfomance on SCRUM>
– an old WSJ/MIT Sloan article <Get Rid of the Performance Review!>
For the 2nd one from WSJ/MIT Sloan, the author offers 7 reasons why he finds performance reviews ill-advised and bogus :
  1. two people, two mind-sets
  2. performance doesn’t determine pay
  3. objectivity is subjective
  4. one size does not fit all
  5. personal development is impeded
  6. disruption to teamwork
  7. immorality of justifying corperate improvement

He also provided the altervatives in this article, and there are video and audio and discussion in the forum. Have a look!


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